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Harvested Cropland Declined by 2 Million Acres in 2018
USAgNet - 06/10/2019

The ERS Major Land Uses series defines "cropland used for crops" as comprising three types: cropland harvested, crop failure, and cultivated summer fallow.

In 2018, cropland harvested declined to 312 million acres--the lowest recorded harvested cropland area since 2013 (311 million acres) and 2 million acres less than in 2017.

A 2-million-acre increase in crop failure due to drought conditions in several crop-producing areas contributed to the 2018 decline in cropland harvested. Land used for cultivated summer fallow, which primarily occurs as part of wheat rotations in the semi-arid West, also increased by 1 million acres to 16 million acres, continuing the reversal, which began in 2017, of a long-term decline in this category.

The area that was double-cropped (i.e., two or more crops harvested) held constant over the previous year at about 6 million acres.

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