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Bayer's Carbon Program Expands to Michigan Farmers

Bayer's Carbon Program Expands to Michigan Farmers

By Andi Anderson

Bayer is unveiling significant enhancements to its Carbon Program, offering Michigan farmers expanded opportunities to earn incentives for adopting regenerative agriculture practices. These updates aim to simplify enrollment and provide additional benefits to participating farmers, fostering soil health while sequestering carbon.

Leonardo Bastos, Senior Vice President of Ecosystem Services at Bayer Crop Science, highlights the program's mission to support American farmers by offering more options, resources, and benefits. The enhancements are designed to meet farmers at various stages of their regenerative journey.

The Bayer Carbon Program, part of Bayer's ForGround digital platform, encourages the adoption of regenerative practices such as reduced tillage and cover cropping to enhance soil health. Eligible farmers who enroll their fields, implement regenerative practices, and pass verification have the potential to earn up to $12 per acre annually. Additionally, participation in the Nitrogen Management Program could increase payments to $16 per acre for fields planted with corn.

Unlike some carbon-based sustainability programs, Bayer's approach bases revenue potential on the practices performed rather than carbon capture. This transparent approach communicates upfront the payment farmers can expect upon meeting program requirements, reducing risk and uncertainty.

The enhancements to the Bayer Carbon Program include:

  • Expanded Eligibility: Michigan farmers now have access to the program, joining 27 other states.
  • Enhanced Benefits: Eligible practices, including no-till/strip-till and cover crops, are rewarded at $6 per acre, with an additional $4 per acre for participation in the Nitrogen Management Program.
  • Expanded Crop Options: In addition to corn, soybeans, and wheat, additional crops such as barley, sorghum, and oats are now eligible.
  • Historical Payment: Fields with practice changes on or after August 1, 2019, may be eligible for historical practices payment, potentially receiving up to four years of payments.
  • Renewal Potential: Program performance periods are adjusted to five years, with the possibility of renewal for up to three additional periods.

These updates are accompanied by a simplified web enrollment experience, making it easier for farmers to participate in the Bayer Carbon Program. The streamlined process allows for field-by-field enrollment and secure document storage, with personalized assistance available from Bayer experts.

Michigan farmers can explore the full details of the Bayer Carbon Program and its benefits by visiting

Photo Credit: gettyimages-jessicahyde

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