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MI Ag CORE Graduates 2023 Class

MI Ag CORE Graduates 2023 Class

By Andi Anderson

Fifteen Michigan ag professionals have graduated from the MI Ag CORE Leadership Program. The year-long program helps farmers and agribusiness professionals develop their communication, organization, relationship, and engagement skills.

The program was developed by the Michigan Potato Industry Commission, Michigan Wheat Program, and Michigan Soybean Committee. It is designed to help emerging leaders in the ag industry develop the skills they need to be successful.

The program includes seven sessions, three of which are in-person and four of which are virtual. The sessions cover a variety of topics, including personality profiles, creating team culture, managing dysfunction, friction, and strong personalities, employee engagement, servant leadership, and organizational governance.

The program's second cohort began in January 2023 and wrapped up earlier this month. The participants presented their final projects at an in-person event.

The program developers are pleased with the progress of the second cohort. They say that the participants have developed their leadership skills and are well-prepared to take on new challenges in the ag industry.

The MI Ag CORE Leadership Program is accepting applications for its 2024 cohort. The deadline to apply is November 1.

Photo Credit:gettyimages-valentinrussanov

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