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Michigan Crop Weather Update

Michigan Crop Weather Update

By Andi Anderson

Michigan's harvest season has been delayed by soaking rains that fell on Tuesday, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. The rains caused farmers to put their harvesting activities on hold, with only 4.3 days suitable for fieldwork during the week ending November 26, 2023.

Key Crop Updates:

Soybean Harvest: Successfully concluded.

Corn for Grain Moisture: At harvest, recorded a moisture content of 21%, marking a 3-point increase from the previous year.

Corn Harvest Progress: Remained below the respective 5-year averages.

Winter Wheat Acreage (2024): Reported a decline due to harvest delays.

Crop Conditions and Progress:

Winter Wheat Condition: 0% very poor, 10% poor, 44% fair, 39% good, 7% excellent.

Crop Progress: Days suitable for fieldwork - 4.3, Corn harvested for grain - 79%, Soybeans harvested - 96%, Winter wheat emerged - 93%.

Soil Moisture: Topsoil - 10% very short, 27% short, 62% adequate, 19% surplus; Subsoil - 2% very short, 9% short, 71% adequate, 19% surplus.

Precipitation and Temperature: Total precipitation since April 1: 19.78 inches, Days with precipitation since April 1: 86, High temperature since April 1: 50°F, Low temperature since April 1: 18°F, Average temperature since April 1: 34°F.


Photo Credit: gettyimages-eugenesergeev

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