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Michigan potato industry shines at Capitol event

Michigan potato industry shines at Capitol event

By Andi Anderson

Michigan's potato industry shone brightly at the Capitol building, showcasing its significant contributions to the state. The event connected legislators, industry experts, and the public, highlighting the potato's $2.5 billion annual impact and its support for nearly 22,000 jobs.

“The event provided an invaluable opportunity to connect with legislators, fostering stronger relationships and open lines of communication,” stated Kelly Turner, executive director of the Michigan Potato Industry Commission (MPIC). “This is crucial for advocating on behalf of Michigan's potato industry and ensuring our concerns and priorities are heard at the state level.

Beyond economic benefits, Turner stressed how Michigan champions potato diversity. While leading the nation in chip potato production (70% of their crop!), they also produce fresh market varieties like russet, red, and yellow potatoes, alongside specialty options.

Innovation is another strength. Michigan State University boasts a renowned potato breeding program and agricultural extension services dedicated to research and sustainability in potato farming.

"Potato Day served as a platform to showcase our leadership in these areas," said Turner. Emphasizing sustainable practices ensures environmentally responsible potato production.

Michigan ranks eighth nationally in potato production but reigns supreme in chip potato production. One out of four chip bags in the US features Michigan-grown potatoes! The state supplies chip makers across the country, and several Michigan-based chip producers were present at the event.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-npantos

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