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Double Triumph for Michigan Wheat Grower

Double Triumph for Michigan Wheat Grower

By Andi Anderson

Michigan wheat grower Nick Suwyn clinched two prestigious national awards at the 2023 National Wheat Yield Awards held during the 2024 Commodity Classic on February 28 in Houston. Suwyn, hailing from Allegan and Barry counties, secured the second spot in the winter wheat irrigated division with an impressive yield of 171.71 bushels per acre, utilizing DF Seeds DF-131. Not only did Suwyn's entry earn him this distinction, but it also garnered a national second-place quality award in the soft winter wheat category, accompanied by an additional cash prize. The National Wheat Foundation sponsored these accolades.

Suwyn attributes his success to strategic agricultural practices, including the application of extra irrigation during last spring's dry months and the judicious use of nitrogen fertilizer based on tissue testing of wheat plant leaves throughout the growing season. Farmers interested in the 2024 Winter Wheat contest have until May 15 to submit their entries to the National Wheat Foundation.

Shifting focus to the field of entomology, Michigan State University's Department of Entomology is gearing up to host the Excellence in Insect Science Symposium on May 16-17 at the Kellogg Conference Center in East Lansing. This two-day event aims to unite scientists, industry professionals, government representatives, educators, and other stakeholders dedicated to insect-related work. The symposium, themed "Leveraging Insect Science for Global Grand Challenges," will delve into insect-centric solutions for climate resilience, one health, and STEM education.

The symposium emphasizes collaborative idea-generation over traditional scientific presentations. MSU Entomology Chair Hannah Burrack anticipates that the event will energize research efforts leveraging insect-focused solutions. Attendees can engage in hands-on encounters with a variety of insects, courtesy of the MSU Bug House and the Ohio State University Bug Mobile. Additionally, the MSU Dairy Store will serve custom insect-themed ice cream flavors during the symposium.

Renowned chef and edible insect ambassador Joseph Yoon will be present to offer cooking demonstrations, collaborating with MSU Kellogg Center chefs to incorporate insects into the symposium menu. The event promises a diverse range of activities and discussions, reinforcing the significance of insects in addressing global challenges.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-ygrek

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