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Coastal Program Support Protects, Restores Dunes
Michigan Ag Connection - 12/04/2017

Michigan's unique coastal dune systems have features found nowhere else in the world. These specialized freshwater ecosystems are home to rare plant and animal species, offer unparalleled recreational opportunities, and draw millions of annual visitors from across the globe.

Van Buren County's Syndicate Park, which includes 25 acres of critical Great Lakes dunes, recently benefited from restoration work and local partnerships supported by Michigan's Coastal Management Program. Native plants were installed to provide stability and reduce erosion in vulnerable areas. Local trails were enhanced to provide managed public access to the beach, preserve the dune environment, and provide opportunities for dune exploration and education.

Residents and visitors will enjoy the park's trails, beach, and scenic Lake Michigan views. Learn more about the project at

Michigan's Coastal Management Program provides technical assistance and grant funding to support Great Lakes public access, environmental health, beach safety, and community development. The program will celebrate 40 years of work in Michigan's coastal communities in 2018.

Learn how Michigan's Coastal Management Program protects and restores our state's coastal resources at, or by contacting Program Manager Ronda Wuycheck at

Michigan's Coastal Management Program is funded in part by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which supports a nationwide network of programs protecting America's fresh and saltwater coasts.

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