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Larsen's Dairy the First Verified in 3 Systems in Mason County
Michigan Ag Connection - 10/10/2017

Larsen's Dairy Farm is the first producer to be verified in three MAEAP systems( farmstead, cropping, and livestock) in Mason County. MAEAP helps farmers and landowners reduce environmental pollution through education and assistance in applying best management practices to their farms in four systems: Farmstead, Livestock, Cropping and Forest, Wetlands, and Habitat.

Each system has best management practices that the farmer or landowner can implement to improve environmental risk and to help make their farm more efficient. To become MAEAP verified, the Larsen's constructed fuel, pesticide, and fertilizer storage units and a state of the art manure storage and handling disposal system.

This one-of-a-kind loop facility reclaims bedding sand for reuse and includes a mechanical manure separator. It also utilizes wash water to transport manure to concrete-lined pits in an environmentally safe manner. Manure is then spread on crop fields at rates that will not cause runoff or infiltration into ground or surface water.

The farm owned by Burke and Lisa Larsen, operates 1,600 acres, milks 500 cows, and grows corn, alfalfa, and wheat.

If you wish to learn more about MAEAP or pursue a verification in Mason County or Lake County, call the Mason-Lake Conservation District at (231-757-3707 -- Ext.5).

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