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Home Heating Credit Application Processing Begins
Michigan Ag Connection - 02/07/2019

Applications for the Home Heating Credit (HHC), which helps low-income Michiganders with their winter energy bills, are now being processed for the 2018 tax year, notes the Michigan Agency for Energy (MAE).

Last year, 315,000 state residents applied for the credit, according to the Michigan Department of Treasury, and the average credit was $191.

Instruction booklets and forms have been mailed out by the Treasury Department. Individuals may apply for the credit even if they do not file a Michigan tax return. Forms and instructional materials are available on the internet at or by calling 517-636-4486.

Forms also will be available at many libraries, Northern Michigan post offices, and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) offices across the state. Heating assistance information is available at

Some 82 percent of the credit applications were filed electronically in 2018. E-filing speeds processing and reduces HHC processing errors. To find an authorized e-file provider and information on free services, visit Treasury's website at

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