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Michigan Sugarbeet Growers Begin Planting
Michigan Ag Connection - 04/06/2021

Much of Michigan experienced a fairly mild and dry week marked by various reports of early field work, according to Marlo Johnson, director of the Great Lakes Regional Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service. There were 4.4 days suitable for fieldwork in Michigan during the week ending Sunday. Some northern areas received light snow earlier in the week but much of it quickly melted as warm weather followed. Winter wheat condition looked promising with a reported 69 percent of the crop rated in good to excellent condition. Dry conditions allowed some growers to begin seeding early oats. Sugarbeet producers also took advantage of the cooperative conditions and began planting. Other activities included manure hauling, spring tillage, and equipment preparation.

After a very cold trend in February, much warmer than normal temperatures in March pushed growing degree day totals higher than normal. Temperatures crashed late in March and fruit growers were checking for damage. A drier than normal March allowed for good progress in pruning. First green tissue on early apple varieties was observed on the Ridge. Early season copper sprays were applied to help prevent fire blight and apple scab. Growers with higher than normal mite populations last year considered a dormant oil application. Peaches in the Southwest had green tissue beginning to show on the terminal buds. Growers applied copper in peaches and cherries to prevent fungal diseases.

This report is the first Crop Weather report for the 2021 growing season. A series of weekly Crop Progress reports will be published each Monday throughout the crop season. These reports will cover planting and harvesting activities, crop development, weather data, and timely crop management information provided by farmers, USDA, and Michigan State University experts.

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