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Michigan Farmers Anticipate Very Good Crop Yields
Michigan Ag Connection - 10/13/2021

Michigan farmers anticipate very good field crop yields in 2021, according to Marlo D. Johnson, director, USDA NASS, Great Lakes Regional Office. The October Crop Production Report is based on conditions as of October 1, 2021. Some highlights of the report follow:

- Michigan corn production is forecast at 337 million bushels up 11 percent from last year. Michigan's forecasted corn yield of 171 bushels per acre is up 18 bushels from last year, but down 3 bushels from last month's forecast.

- Michigan's soybean yield is forecast at 50 bushels per acre, up 2 bushels from a year ago and unchanged from last month's forecast. Production is expected to be 107 million bushels, up 2 percent from last year.

- Michigan sugarbeet growers anticipate a yield of 31.3 tons per acre, up 3 tons from last year. Production is forecast at 4.76 million tons.

- Michigan dry bean growers expected their crop to yield 2,600 pounds per acre, a 260 pound per acre increase from last year. If realized, this will be a record yield. Total production, at 5.41 million hundredweight, is down 10 percent from last year due to fewer dry bean acres planted this year.

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