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Lynda Horning: - 2023 Presidential Volunteer of the Year in Michigan
Michigan Ag Connection - 11/20/2023

Lynda Horning stands as a shining beacon of exemplary commitment and dedication to agricultural advocacy, earning her the esteemed title of the 2023 Presidential Volunteer of the Year in Michigan. Her unwavering efforts and transformative initiatives have significantly contributed to the advancement of agricultural awareness and education.

At the helm of Washtenaw County's Promotion & Education (P&E) committee, Horning has embraced a multitude of programs and initiatives, elevating the outreach and impact of agricultural education across the region.

Her dedication to nurturing the agricultural spirit among the youth is evident in the extensive programs targeting local schools. Last year alone, Horning spearheaded the distribution of MFB Farm Crates to 43 teachers, reaching approximately 900 students. Additionally, initiatives like the FARM Science Lab have ensured continued ag-focused learning in participating classrooms.

Expanding beyond school initiatives, Horning's efforts resonate in local libraries, where she curates seasonal displays and ensures a steady flow of ag-accurate books to enlighten patrons about Michigan agriculture.

Horning's commitment extends to recognizing older students involved in Future Farmers of America (FFA), emphasizing encouragement and support through various initiatives like goodie pails upon achieving state degrees and participating in agricultural contests.

An extraordinary endeavor under Horning's leadership is the county's Project RED event, captivating over 1,700 third-graders across 16 schools, offering a holistic mini-expo experience celebrating rural education days.

Her engagement remains unyielding throughout the year, including extensive involvement in community fairs, innovative P&E kickoff events, and inventive programs like the seasonal Treat of Agriculture.

Moreover, Horning revived the county's farm-safety program, attracting a diverse audience and showcasing the program's potential for both P&E and membership growth.

Lynda Horning's exceptional leadership and qualities have significantly bolstered the committee's productivity, doubling its size and fostering a culture of progress through regular meetings and innovative program additions.

Her qualities of commitment, motivation, and inclusivity have not only driven her team but also served as a catalyst for excellence and growth. Horning's relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovative ideas has contributed significantly to the success and advancement of agricultural advocacy.

The Presidential Volunteer of the Year Award rightfully honors outstanding leaders like Lynda Horning, highlighting their unparalleled dedication to agricultural advocacy and their pivotal role in the success of the county Farm Bureau. Her recognition as the 2023 awardee comes with a $1,000 prize, supporting her commitment to fostering agricultural education and advocacy.

To nominate a deserving individual for next year's award, access contest details here to ensure your local agricultural advocate gets the recognition they deserve.

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