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2023 Michigan Corn Trials Unveil Yield and Maturity Insights

2023 Michigan Corn Trials Unveil Yield and Maturity Insights

By Andi Anderson

Michigan corn farmers seeking to maximize profits and yield can now rejoice! Farmers Independent Research of Seed Technologies (FIRST) has released its highly anticipated 2023 Michigan Corn Trials report, providing a treasure trove of unbiased data on the best-performing hybrids.

Unveiling the Top Contenders:

The report delves into trials conducted across 10 locations in Michigan, comparing hybrids based on their "All-Season," "Early-Season," and "Full-Season" maturities. These top performers were meticulously selected based on Gross Income, a metric that considers yield alongside drying costs to reach 15% moisture content.

Understanding the Data:

For those unfamiliar with FIRST's methodology, here's a quick breakdown of key metrics and how to interpret them:

  • Gross Income: Prioritize hybrids with the highest Gross Income for maximum profit potential, especially if you sell or store low-moisture corn.
  • Top 30 Products: Focus on these top performers, carefully chosen for their consistent above-average yield and Gross Income across diverse conditions.
  • Yield: Consider grain yield alongside Gross Income to make informed decisions. While a hybrid might have a lower yield, it could be more profitable due to drier grain.
  • Italicized Results: These indicate hybrids that fall outside the defined maturity range for the trial, potentially offering an unfair yield advantage. Beyond the Report:

The FIRST report is just the beginning. To delve deeper, consider these resources:

  • FIRST website: Access the complete report, learn about test methodology, and even sign up as a plot host for future trials.
  • Q&A section: Get your corn trial questions answered directly by FIRST experts.
  • Seed companies: If your preferred brands aren't included, reach out to them and encourage participation in future trials.

Embrace the Data, Reap the Rewards:

By understanding FIRST's valuable data and insights, Michigan corn farmers can make informed decisions about the best hybrids for their specific needs and maximize their yield and profitability. So, don't wait any longer – get your hands on the report and start reaping the rewards of data-driven corn farming!

Photo Credit: gettyimages-fotokostic

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