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Michigan Farmers Reporting More Vomitoxin in Corn Fields
Michigan Ag Connection - 11/06/2018

There were 3.1 days suitable for fieldwork in Michigan during the week ending Sunday, according to Marlo Johnson, director of the Great Lakes Regional Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service. Most regions across the State experienced cooler temperatures and a decent amount of rainfall during the week. There were also some reports of snow in Upper Peninsula.

The higher rates of precipitation resulted in harvest delays in most areas across the State. The corn harvest continued in places that were dry enough. Statewide, the moisture content of the grain harvested was twenty-one percent, showing no significant dry-down over the week. There were also more reports of vomitoxin in some fields.

The soybean harvest was slowed due to rainfall and high moisture levels. The estimated moisture content of the grain harvested was fifteen percent.

The sugarbeet harvest also continued. Storage piles were reported to be in good shape as a result of the cooler temperatures.

Pasture growth neared its end for the year, resulting in most cattle being on supplemental feed.

Other activities included the planting of winter wheat and cover crops.

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