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Malone Named Agricultural and Resource Economics Review Editor
Michigan Ag Connection - 11/30/2020

Trey Malone, an assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics (AFRE) at Michigan State University (MSU) has been named a co-editor of the Agricultural and Resource Economics Review (ARER). Malone's appointment continues AFRE's strong connection to the editorial leadership of ARER.

ARER's current managing editor, Professor Hung-Hao Chang at National Taiwan University is an alum of AFRE, AFRE Professor and Department Chair, Titus Awokuse, previously served as an editor of the journal, and AFRE Professor Frank Lupi currently sits on the journal's editorial board. ARER is a highly regarded publication in the field of agricultural and applied economics; the journal publishes scholarly works on the economics of agriculture, food, natural resources, rural communities, and the environment. ARER began as the Journal of the Northeastern Agricultural Economics Council in 1973 before eventually becoming ARER in 1993.

As a co-editor Malone will be responsible for overseeing the editorial process, ensuring that manuscripts are handled in a timely manner and journal quality is maintained. For each issue, co-editors review submitted manuscripts, desk reject manuscripts considered to be inappropriate for ARER or of insufficient quality to merit further review, manage the workflow for accepted manuscripts up to the point when they are published, and work with the other editors and publishers on the content of each issue. Co-editors also oversee all ARER awards and select a monthly featured article from the articles published in recent months.

When asked why he wanted to take on the role of editor for the ARER, Malone says, "I've spent a lot of energy promoting quality agricultural and applied economics research, but serving as an editor for the journal provides me the opportunity to help guide the direction of the research itself. I am especially thrilled to work alongside AFRE alum, Dr. Hung-Hao Chang, to help foster cutting-edge research for the field of agricultural and applied economics."

As an editor, Malone says, "I hope to increase the visibility and readership of the journal by urging more inclusivity and encouraging submissions from academics outside traditional land grant departments. Furthermore, I plan to post interviews with authors from featured articles about their key findings."

Reflecting on Malone's appointment to ARER, Awokuse, said, "I congratulate Dr. Malone on this honor. As the chair of AFRE it is always great to see our faculty take on leadership roles in service to our profession and it is especially nice to see this with our junior faculty. I have no doubt that Dr. Malone will be a great asset to ARER and that he will bring the same enthusiasm that he brings to his teaching and research to the needs of the journal."

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