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Michigan Farms Down 500; Acres per Farm Up 2
Michigan Ag Connection - 02/23/2021

The number of farms in Michigan in 2020 was 46,500, according to Marlo Johnson, director of the USDA, NASS, Great Lakes Regional Office. That's down 500 farms from 2019.

Land in farms was 9.8 million acres, unchanged from last year. The average size farm in Michigan was 211 acres per farm, up 2 acres from 2019.

The number of farms in the United States for 2020 is estimated at 2,019,000, down 4,400 farms from 2019. Total land in farms, at 896,600,000 acres, decreased 800,000 acres from 2019. The average farm size for 2020 is 444 acres, unchanged from the previous year.

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