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Michigan Corn and Soybean Yields/Acre Down in 2019
Michigan Ag Connection - 01/13/2020

Difficult planting and growing conditions led to a challenging 2019 for Michigan field crop producers, according to Marlo Johnson, regional director of the USDA NASS, Great Lakes Regional Office.

Michigan's average corn yield was 149 bushels per acre, down 4 bushels from 2018. Production was 240 million bushels from 1.61 million acres. Acres harvested for grain were down 15 percent from 2018. As of December 1, significant acres remained unharvested. USDA will be contacting producers again in the spring to determine if production should be revised.

The average Michigan soybean yield was 41 bushels per acre, down 6.5 bushels from 2018. There were 1.73 million acres harvested, down from 2.31 million acres harvested in 2018. Soybean growers will be contacted in the spring to determine if production should be revised because significant acreage remained unharvested as of December 1.

Nationally, corn for grain production in 2019 was estimated at 13.7 billion bushels, down 5 percent from the revised 2018 estimate. The average yield in the United States was estimated at 168.0 bushels per acre, 8.4 bushels below the 2018 yield of 176.4 bushels per acre. Area harvested for grain was estimated at 81.5 million acres, up less than 1 percent from the revised 2018 estimate.

National soybean production in 2019 totaled 3.56 billion bushels, down 20 percent from 2018. The average yield per acre was estimated at 47.4 bushels, down 3.2 bushels from 2018. Harvested area was down 14 percent from 2018 to 75.0 million acres.

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