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BASF Unveils Revylok: A Breakthrough Soybean Fungicide Blending Two Active Ingredients
Michigan Ag Connection - 06/01/2023

BASF Agricultural Solutions is set to revolutionize disease management in soybean cultivation with the introduction of its new soybean fungicide, Revylok. This innovative product combines two of BASF's latest active ingredients, Revysol and Xemium, into a single formulation, offering growers a powerful and efficient solution.

Revylok fungicide is specifically designed to provide long-lasting curative and preventative control against a broad spectrum of diseases, making it a game-changer for regions facing diverse disease challenges and extended periods of disease pressure. The synergistic effect of Revylok's dual modes of action, coupled with its unique chemical structure, allows for superior binding flexibility and rapid uptake by plants, ensuring optimal efficacy.

This versatile fungicide demonstrates consistent performance in combatting major soybean diseases, including Frogeye leaf spot, Cercospora blight, Septoria brown spot, and Rhizoctonia aerial blight. Joan Jordan, BASF's product manager, highlights the fast uptake and enduring residual activity of Revylok, empowering growers with the confidence to protect their yields and proactively manage disease outbreaks.

BASF plans to conduct over 400 trials during the 2023 season, with commercial availability slated for the 2024 growing season. To learn more about Revylok fungicide and its benefits for soybean growers, farmers can reach out to their local BASF representative or visit the company's official website. With Revylok, BASF aims to enhance disease control strategies and drive greater efficiency in soybean production, equipping growers with a powerful tool to maximize their crop's potential.

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