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Predicted 2018 Apple Harvest Dates
By: Philip Schwallier and Amy Irish-Brown, Michigan State University - 07/11/2018

The predicted apple harvest dates are now available at all locations on the Michigan State University Enviro-weather website at

This spring was colder than average, which delayed the development of spring foliage. Then, warmer weather arrived and bloom developed seven days behind normal in the south to two days behind normal in the north part of Michigan. Record hot temperatures followed, thus advancing harvest dates to predict near normal dates for 2018 for the state. In general, 2018 predicted harvest dates are roughly normal in the south and a few days early in the north. Bloom dates this spring were late across the state.

As always, the weather seems to be unusual each year and 2018 was no different. It began with what appeared to be another very late spring. Most areas bloomed late except northern areas of the state. During April, very cold weather moved in several times leaving low areas and sensitive varieties with minor frost damage. In general, apple blocks have a mix of cropload, some light areas but mostly moderate to heavy crop loads. Blocks with light crop loads will mature three or four days sooner than the predicted harvest dates. Heavy crop loads will mature seven days later than the predicted dates. If hot, stressful weather occurs in August or September, apple maturity will be advanced.

The 2018 predicted harvest dates are a few days behind last year. We also list this year's predictions compared to normal and last year.The normal harvest dates for other varieties are also listed for the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area.

This year's 2018 predicted dates for other non-modeled varieties are a rough estimate based on the McIntosh, Jonathan and Red Delicious predicted dates. Other areas of the state should adjust non-predicted varieties based on their own history. ReTain application should be applied 30 days before harvest. Harvista can be applied three to seven days before harvest. Use our tables available online to time ReTain applications and adjust for varieties and locations.

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