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Storms Slow Michigan Crop Progress
Michigan Ag Connection - 10/08/2019

Strong thunderstorms and high amounts of precipitation continued to delay crop harvests in most parts of the State. According to Marlo Johnson, director of the Great Lakes Regional Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service, there were only 2.0 days suitable for fieldwork in Michigan during the week ending Sunday.

Reporters noted that standing water was a common sight in fields across much of the Lower Peninsula. Corn continued to mature, and in some earlier planted fields farmers were able to start harvesting. Producers also continued cutting silage in areas that were dry enough. The soybean harvest made very little progress due to the wet conditions, and some producers expressed concerns about low yields and undersized pods. In the Thumb, the sugarbeet harvest continued to face delays as a result of the high amounts of precipitation in the area. Flooding caused some pastures to be too wet to support livestock, which resulted in more farmers using supplemental feeding. Other activities included the planting of winter wheat, and the cutting of alfalfa where the weather permitted.

Apple harvest continued full tilt. Poor weather last week, which included all-day pounding rains, delayed harvest in some areas. Growers kept up with harvest as best as they could. On the Ridge, Gala, Honeycrisp, and McIntosh harvest was complete. Empire, Jonathan and Jonagold were harvested. In the West Central, Gala harvest was complete. Color, size, and quality was excellent. Honeycrisp harvest was the number one priority for growers. Most growers also harvested Golden Delicious. Processing apple harvest was at its peak. Empire and Jonagold were harvested heavily. Quality was excellent. In the Southwest, Red Delicious was harvested. Harvest of Rome for processing also occurred. Jonagold and Golden Delicious harvest was nearly complete. In the East, Empire and Golden Delicious were harvested. Jonathan and Jonagold harvest was complete. In the Northwest, Honeycrisp was harvested heavily, as was Gala and McIntosh.

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