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The Field Crops Webinar Series Continues With a Discussion on Agronomy and Weather-Related Challenges for 2024 Production
Michigan Ag Connection - 02/29/2024

Weather is a favorite topic among farmers because it has profound affects in all aspects of agriculture, especially those crops produced in a field setting. Please join Michigan State University Extension in the fifth session of the 2024 Field Crop Webinar Series on Monday, March 4. Michigan State University Cropping Systems Agronomist Dr. Manni Singh, and MSU Climatologist Jeff Andresen will be discussing the relationship between weather, agronomy and cropping systems management.

Recently, growing seasons have presented both weather-related challenges and opportunities for field crop producers in Michigan and across the region. Early season drought, late season rains, large precipitation events and warmer winters are some of the challenges producers in Michigan have dealt with. This discussion will focus on management strategies in response to weather incidences that can lead to increased yield and reduced input costs while also minimizing production risks related to weather, ultimately resulting in improved farm profitability.

Field Crop producers, consultants, and agribusiness professionals are invited to participant in the Field Crops Webinar Series, a series of eight online programs addressing field crop production and pest management offered by Michigan State University Extension.

The theme for this year's series is Two for the Price of One: Conversations in Row Crop Agriculture. Each session will feature two speakers giving short presentations and discussing different aspects of the topic in an informal talk-show/podcast format with plenty of opportunity for interaction with the audience. Participants will hear how to enhance their row crop production systems in the coming season and have an opportunity to ask questions of agricultural experts.

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