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Engaging Michigan's Community Through Agriculture
Michigan Ag Connection - 11/20/2023

Iron Range Farm Bureau embraced a unique opportunity collaborating with a local children's museum, expanding their exhibit to educate the community about Michigan agriculture. Initially targeting younger audiences, the Farm Bureau recognized the need for comprehensive content, catering from late elementary to parents.

Members witnessed the effectiveness firsthand, offering hands-on experiences like planting strawberries and organizing a successful garden surplus swap event, providing fresh produce to the community. Funding concerns were addressed creatively by involving farm equipment dealers, enhancing the exhibit with educational toys, books, and puzzles.

This initiative not only secured necessary funding but also attracted renewed interest from previously disengaged members. The exhibit's success drew in three new, uninvolved members, including a retired teacher and two enthusiastic Young Farmers, highlighting the impact of collective effort under the Farm Bureau banner.

Iron Range Farm Bureau's engagement at the museum exemplifies their commitment to promoting agriculture education and community involvement, fostering a deeper connection between local residents and the essence of Michigan's farming heritage.

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