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Hoophouse produce growing well according to the Vegetable Crop Report
Michigan Ag Connection - 05/26/2023

Last week in Michigan was mostly dry with scattered light showers in the northwest and southeast regions. Despite cooler temperatures, degree day totals remained normal. The forecast predicts mostly sunny and windy conditions with a significant temperature drop midweek. Cold overnight temperatures may cause frost and freezing in the interior north areas in late week.

However, fair and dry weather is expected statewide from Thursday through the weekend, with a chance of scattered light frost in the interior north on Friday morning. High temperatures will gradually rise to the upper 70s to 80s by the weekend and next week.

Crop Updates:

Asparagus: Asparagus growers are advised to consider irrigation due to dry conditions and forecasted high temperatures. Overhead irrigation during hot and dry periods can help slow spear growth and improve spear tip quality. Adequate moisture prior to fern growth is crucial for enhanced productivity and increased yields.

Carrots: Carrot production has seen an upswing in west central Michigan, with a focus on early weed control. Stand conditions have been favorable, particularly in early plantings with sufficient soil moisture. The report emphasizes the importance of monitoring aster leafhoppers and provides a channel for receiving updates.

Cole Crops and Leafy Greens: Successful plantings of cole crops and freeze-tolerant leafy greens have taken place in southern-tier counties. Cultivation practices and overhead irrigation are being implemented in early brassica plantings. Hoophouse-produced greens have been going to market. Pest issues with diamondback moths and cabbage white butterflies require control measures, while cabbage maggots have been observed, especially in the north. Transplanted brassicas are expected to fare well.

Cucurbits/Pickles: Cucurbit planting remains active across lower Michigan, with emerging seedling cucumbers and summer squash in the southwest. The report addresses weed control challenges and provides resources for effective management. Organic growers are alerted to the risk of seedcorn maggots during winter squash sowing and advised to monitor soil temperatures.

The Michigan Vegetable Crop Report equips growers with essential information on weather patterns and crop updates. By staying informed, growers can adapt their strategies and ensure optimal outcomes for their vegetable crops in the weeks to come.

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