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Governor's Budget Accelerates Action on Climate
Michigan Ag Connection - 02/26/2024

Governor Gretchen Whitmer's proposed state budget for Fiscal Year 2025 focuses on key pillars, including the MI Healthy Climate Plan (MHCP). The plan aims to lead Michigan to a prosperous, healthy, and carbon-neutral state by 2050, with an interim target of 52% greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2030.

The budget closely aligns with the MHCP's roadmap, covering essential areas like a just transition, energy, transportation, the built environment, and more. Key investments in the budget include:

Cleaning the Electric Grid:

· $150 million for clean energy asset restart.

· $6.7 million for implementing landmark clean energy laws.

· $5.02 million to reduce methane emissions.

· $1.93 million for carbon capture and storage efforts.

Electrifying Vehicles and Increasing Public Transit:

· $74.8 million for transit and rail programs.

· $30 million for local transit innovation grants.

· $25 million for "MI Vehicle Rebate" for clean vehicles.

· $25 million for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Repairing and Decarbonizing Homes and Businesses:

· $5 million for improving home efficiency.

· $1.35 million to expand state weatherization offerings.

Protecting Michigan’s Land and Water:

· $4 million for the "Farm to Families" initiative supporting regenerative agriculture.

Committing to Environmental Justice and Pursuing a Just Transition:

· $15 million for economic transition, prioritizing environmental justice.

Making Communities More Resilient to Climate Impacts:

· $15.3 million for climate-resilient infrastructure.

The budget also highlights efforts to draw down federal climate dollars, showcasing Michigan's commitment to federal funding leverage for climate and energy projects.

Governor Whitmer's budget positions Michigan as a leader in climate action, emphasizing environmental stewardship, equity, and a sustainable future.

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