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Battling Invasive Species in Michigan
Michigan Ag Connection - 02/27/2024

As National Invasive Species Awareness Week (NISAW) unfolds from February 26 to March 3, 2024, Michigan's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) is rallying communities to stand against invasive species. These unwelcome plants, animals, insects, or pathogens, not native to Michigan, pose threats to our environment, economy, and public health.

Simple Steps for Michigan Residents:

Local Firewood: Purchase heat-treated firewood locally to prevent transporting harmful insects and diseases.

International Travel: Declare food and plants when returning from abroad to ensure pest-free items.

Online Purchases: Refrain from buying seeds or plants online from unknown vendors.

Outdoor Gear: After outdoor activities, thoroughly inspect and clean gear to keep it pest and seed-free.

Steve Carlson, MDARD’s Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division Director, emphasizes the need for collective action. "Our department is working tirelessly, but everyone's involvement is key in the fight against invasive species."

Why Act Against Invasive Species? Invasive pests annually destroy up to 40 percent of global food crops, causing billions in production losses. Climate change and biodiversity loss worsen as these species alter natural ecosystems.

Explore MDARD’s Buggin’ Out video series for insights. Report signs of invasive pests to MDARD through the Michigan Invasive Species website or call 800-292-3939.

Let's safeguard our diverse ecosystems from the threats posed by invasive species.

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